Rules of the Competition


1. The competition will consist of each club playing each other club once between the months of May and August.

2. Each club shall play two matches at “home” and two “away” as per the draw made by the Secretary of the League with the final matches for every club being played at one venue on the same day.

3. Matches shall be completed during the month stated in the draw unless by mutual agreement of both clubs. All matches however, must be played at the latest before the final series of games scheduled in the draw for the one venue on the last day of the League season.

4. The Club Secretary/ delegated club official will be responsible for making the arrangements for their club’s home fixtures with the relevant opponents, and forwarding the result within seven days of completion of the match to the Secretary of the League. Once a date has been agreed the match should take place on that date. Only in exceptional circumstances could a date be altered, but if a Club should have such a request they should approach the Secretary in the first instance.

5. The team for each match will consist of 8 players from each club. The composition of the team is to be 3 players from handicap 4-9, 3 from 10-14 and 2 from 15-24.
Any player, who is a member of more than one member or associate member club of the League and wishes to play the Moray and Nairn Golf League, must declare by 31st March each year which member club is his Home club. He may only represent his Home club in the League during that year and under no circumstances will be allowed to represent another member or associate member club until the following season.
Exception to the Rule:
If a player is a member of more than one club only one of which is a member or associate member club of the League this rule does not apply.

6. The games will be listed in order of the handicap bands i.e. games 1, 2 and 3 from 4-9 handicaps, games 4, 5 and 6 from 10-14 handicaps, with games 7 and 8 from 15-24 handicaps.

7. The method of selection of team members will lie with each individual club. There is no limit to the number of players that may be used during the league. Any player who represents a club in the Scratch League is ineligible to play for any club in that season’s Handicap League as well. Breach of this rule will result in the loss of the point from that individual game.

8. If a player’s “playing” handicap alters during the season so that he changes to a different handicap band (as listed above), then he is eligible for selection for only the new band. If after selection for a particular match a player’s handicap is reduced to a lower handicap band he should be allowed to participate in the match in the handicap band for which he had been selected. Conversely, the same applies if a player’s handicap rises after the team has been selected.

9. The following applies in respect of substitution of a player:-

  1. If, after selection for a match, a player calls off then a substitute from the same handicap band should replace him.
  2. Following submission of the team list, if a player fails to appear, then the team captain may use a substitute, who must be in the same handicap band of the absent player, on notification to the opposing team captain provided it is done before the time the final game is due to tee off. That player shall be a direct replacement for the absent player. Under no circumstances will a team captain be able to alter the order of his team.
  3. If a player fails to appear when all clubs are playing at the one venue on the final weekend of the League, clause 9 (b) will also apply except the substitute must be available to play within 45 minutes of the scheduled tee time of that particular game or if less than 45 minutes until the last game is due to play, the final tee off time.
  4. Should a substitute not be available within the time, that individual game will be forfeited.

10. The maximum playing handicap is 24. Any player with a playing handicap of 25-28 inclusive may participate but only will be given a maximum handicap of 24.

11. Each club will play a match against the other competing clubs and each match will consist of eight singles by match-play over 18 holes, games level after 18 holes counting as a halved game. Full handicap allowance will be given with play from medal tees. Teams will be listed on the score sheets provided by the Secretary. Once the team sheet has been submitted, play will commence at the allotted time with the No.8 game teeing off first, followed by the No.7 game etc. until the top game plays off last.

12. In each match the club winning the most games will be awarded two points for a win. In tied matches each club will be awarded one point. The winners of the league will be the club accumulating the most points and in the event of two or more clubs being equal points then the number of individual games won (including halved games) during the course of the season will be used to determine the winner.
Should there still be a tie at this stage then there will be a sudden death play-off between a nominated player from each of the clubs concerned. The player nominated must have played in one of the top three games for their club on Super Sunday. Any such play-off would commence as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last match. The League Executive will determine the holes to be used and appoint a referee for the play-off.

13. In the event of adverse weather occurring whilst the match is being/scheduled to be played, the decision will rest with the two team captains to suspend play for the appropriate time until the course is playable again and/or safe to do so. In the event of the decision being made to abandon play as there appears to be no prospect of a resumption within a reasonable period of time, the following will apply:-

  1. If one club has secured 4 ½ points before play is abandoned, that club shall be declared the winner and awarded two points with any games still on the course at the time play was suspended being declared as halved matches.
  2. If the match has not commenced or neither club has secured the minimum of 4 ½ points for a win, then the match will be abandoned with no scores recorded, and replayed at a mutually convenient date. The match must be played before the final series of games scheduled in the draw for the one venue on the last day of the League season.
  3. If the participating clubs are unable to agree on a date for the fixture to be played, then either club may request the Executive, who will invite an official from a neutral club to consider the issue with them, to try and resolve the matter to both clubs’ satisfaction. However, in the event of no date still being agreed, this sub-committee is empowered to award two points and 8 games to one of the clubs if they feel that other club has not made a genuine attempt to fulfil the fixture.
  4. If the clubs themselves decide not to play the fixture, as it has no bearing on the outcome of the League, then no points will be awarded to either club.

14. Should any matter not be covered by the rules, the decision of the League Executive will be final.




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